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Monthly Tuition Cost:    $160* per month for a 30-minute lesson once a week, four times a month.  *price updated as of 1/1/24*

Currently Offering Lessons for: 

Guitar (Acoustic, Electric, Classical)








Saxophone – Alto

Saxophone – Tenor

French Horn 






Schedule Monday-Friday 

             Lesson availability varies depending on the instrument and instructor, please call for availability details at 916-899-6022 or email us at service@musicyard.com

Recitals:    2 FREE optional recitals per year

Lesson Signup - Button.jpg

Program Details: 

   Simple month-to-month engagement with payments processed on the 1st of each month.

   Easy cancelations, as long as you let us know before the 1st of the upcoming month that you would like to stop taking lessons, you will not be charged again. 

   There are 45 or 46 regularly scheduled lessons per year depending on the day of the week you have lessons, + 2 student recitals (one in Spring and one in Winter) that we put on at no extra charge to you.

   Four times per year there will be an extra lesson day in the month (ie: 5 Mondays instead of the usual 4). The only time you will skip lessons will be on these 5th lesson days as well as during the three vacation weeks we have each year: Spring Break in March/Apr, Thanksgiving Break in November, and Christmas Break in December. 

   Make-ups happen just as life happens. 

Contact The Music Yard directly for any scheduling issues; do not contact your teacher. 

♫ Each student is allowed one guaranteed make-up lesson per calendar quarter

 The make-up lesson must be scheduled within two weeks of the missed lesson, subject to teacher availability

  If the make-up lesson cannot be scheduled within two weeks or the teacher is unavailable, a lesson credit will be applied to the student's account for the following month's billing. This will fulfill the one make-up lesson for that given calendar quarter.  

 Efforts to find an available time slot for a make-up lesson must be genuinely attempted before applying the lesson credit. 

 Any lesson canceled with less than 24-hour notice is not eligible for a make-up lesson or lesson credit. 

♫ In the event of a teacher's absence, that lesson will be rescheduled, or a credit will be applied to the student's account. 

 These teacher-initiated reschedules do not count towards your one make-up per calendar quarter.

♫ A make-up lesson cannot be rescheduled more than once per calendar quarter. Failure to attend a make-up lesson will result in forfeiture of the lesson.

♩We aim to provide a positive and enriching experience while maintaining consistency and fairness for all students. ♩

♩Our make-up lesson policy ensures a balanced and equitable learning environment.♩The Music Yard.jpg